Superior BPA Students

Finally, after a two year wait, the Superior BPA kids were able to travel again to competitions. First on the list was the Regional Leadership Conference in Missoula where Superior students travelled to on January 10th to go up against some of the biggest schools in the state. 

This year, our region, Region 2, has grown to include both Big Sky and Sentinel High School, as well Seeley Swan. And it is with great pride that I can say that we rocked that conference and came away as one of the top chapters. In total, we had 18 kids qualify for state in 53 events. At Regionals, our group was on the podium 34 times with 14 First Place finishes, 15 Second Place finishes and 5 Third Place finishes.

Several students earned multiple first place finishes; including Molly Patko, Isabella Pereira, Caelen Pittsley and Olivia Greuter. 

The complete list of all State qualifiers is below:

Summer Bonsell: 1st Administrative Support Research Paper, 2nd SQL Database Fundamentals

Cassie Green: 5th ICD Diagnostic Coding

Sorren Reese: 1st Advanced Accounting, 2nd Personal Finance Management, 4th Health Administration Procedures

Trinity Donaldson: 2nd ICD Diagnostics, 2nd Podcast Production (Team 2), 3rd Health Administration Procedures

Isabelle Erker: 2nd Podcast Production (Team 2), 9th Banking and Finane

Carson Martin: 1st SQL Database Fundamentals, 2nd Python

Payton Milender: 2nd Graphic Design Promotion, 2nd Podcast Production (Team 2)

Isabella Pereira: 1st Economic Research Paper (Team), 1st Podcast Production (Team 1), 3rd Presentation Management (Team)

Molly Patko: 1st Economic Research Paper (Team), 1st Podcast Production (Team 1), 3rd Presentation Management (Team)

Lanie Crabb: 1st Intermediate Word Processing, 3rd ICD Diagnostics Coding, 8th Business Law and Ethics

Maddy Drey: 2nd Podcast Production (Team 2), 2nd Website Design (Team)

Olivia Greuter: 1st ICD Diagnostic Coding, 1st Health Administration Procedures

Kylie Quick: 2nd Website Design (Team), 3rd Business Law and Ethics

Trina Azure: 4th Integrated Office Applications, 5h Fundamental Word, 6th Basic Office Systems and Procedures

Anthony Dodd: 1st Fundamental Spreadsheets, 2nd Integrated Office Applications, 4th Fundamental Word, 4th Basic Office Systems, 8th Banking and Finance

Caelen Pittsley: 1st Basic Office Systems, 1st Integrated Office Applications, 2nd Fundamental Spreadsheets, 2nd Legal Office Procedures, 3rd Fundamentals Word Processing

Abby Wheeler: 1st Fundamental Word Processing, 2nd Business Law and Ethics

Abby Zebedeo: 5th Basic Office Systems and Procedures, 9th Fundamental Word Processing

The BPA State Leadership Conference will be held in Billings on March 12 - 15.