GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS (Superior School Board Policy 2410)

To be eligible for graduation from Superior High School, students shall meet the following requirements:

1. Students must accumulate a minimum of 22 credits in the following manner:

*English - 4 credits

*9th Computer Applications - 1 credit

*Science - 2 credits (chosen from Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Advance Biology)

*U.S. History - 1 credit

*Government / Consumer Economics - 1 credit

*World History – 1 credit

*P.E. & Health - 2 credits (unless excused by a doctor)

*Mathematics - 3 credits

*Advanced Technology - 1 credit (chosen from Technology Productions, Drafting/CADD or Computer Science)

*Fine Arts Course - 1 credit (chosen from: Art, Band, Choir, Multi-media Yearbook, or Technology Productions)

* Vocational Arts Course - 1 credit (chosen from Business education, or Industrial Technology courses)

2. No student shall take less or more than seven (7) classes per semester without permission from the administration. This may include one aide position.