Title I

Dear SSD3 Parents,

We are writing to inform you of Superior School District’s designation as a Title I Schoolwide school. Title I is a method of delivering Title I services in eligible schools. It allows our school to address the educational needs of students living in a community with an economic disadvantaged elementary student population of 40% or greater. As a Title I Schoolwide program, our Title services can provide comprehensive strategies for improving the entire school so every student achieves high levels of academic proficiency. Schoolwide programs have the latitude to determine how to organize their operations and allocate the multiple funding sources available to them. They do not have to identify particular children as eligible for services. Schoolwide programs can use all allocated funds to increase the amount and quality of learning time. In this way, they can embrace a high-quality curriculum according to a comprehensive plan that ensures all children meet the state’s challenging academic standards. Schoolwide programs serve all children in the school. All staff, resources, and classes are part of the overall Schoolwide program. The purpose is to generate high levels of academic achievement in core subject areas for all students, especially those most in need.

The purpose of Title I is achieved through:  

  • High quality instruction.  

  • Programming based on the use of scientifically based research.  

  • Strategies and methods to improve teacher quality and professional development.  

  • Consolidated use of funds.

Some students simply need more time and direct, explicit instruction in order to succeed. Classroom teachers and instructional staff utilize data from Title I assessments, benchmark assessments, and classroom work to individualize instruction so each students is placed in a an optimal learning environment.

What can you as a parent do?  Share a love of learning and set a good example by reading, practicing math facts, playing with money (identify coins/make change), writing letters and/or lists, comparing prices, etc.  Make learning fun by playing educational games, visiting the library, and listening to and talking with your child.  Show interest in your child’s school day by asking specific questions and praising effort and improvement. Communicate often with your child’s teacher to ensure you are always on the same page with regard to your child’s development.

Thank you for your continued involvement in working together to provide your child with a SUPERIOR education!

Scott R. Kinney
Superior Public Schools